Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Color Club Oil Slick Collection -- Swatch & Review

Hello friends! It has been a long minute since I've reviewed a collection! But today I'm changing that. I'm here with the Color Club Oil Slick Collection and can I just say, this collection is STUNNING! I had zero intention in buying this collection but when I was perusing the nail polish section at a local drugstore, I stumbled upon the display for this collection and I was floored. The problem was I didn't want to spend a bajillion dollars on this limited edition "micro-batch" collection. I decided to head over to Instagram and ask if anyone would want to purchase a once-swatched collection and I found a dear girl who was happy to oblige. After swatching them, I'm sad to part with them but it's just not in the budget for me. </3 Alright, that's enough babbling. Let's get into the review!

OH! And if you'd prefer to watch/listen to my review rather than read it, you can head over to MY NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL and watch my review there! Ah! So exciting.

** all swatches are 2 coats without topcoat -- great formulas all around **


Shifts from fiery red to coppery orange to yellowy gold to olive green.
I tried to get a shot of each shift, but if you'd like to see these polishes in action, I have video swatches included in my YouTube review (link above).


Can you say "Starbucks Duochrome Tumbler"? Shifts from royal blue to bright purple to olive green.
This one had the best formula of the bunch (but all were fabulous). This one can be opaque in just one [slightly] thicker coat.


Not my cup of tea, but it could be yours! Shifts from a tarnished gold (?) shade, to a light icy blue to a more blurple-y shade.


Lovely and unique shade! Shifts from a shimmery blush pink tone to a beautiful rose gold to a more traditional yellow-gold.


Perfect for winter. Shifts from a greyish ice blue (that is reminiscent of Elsa) to a gorgeous cerulean blue to a purple.


My personal fave! The color shifts on this definitely surprised me. Shifts from purple, to a bright magenta, to a gorgeous red shade, and then to a vibrant orange. Ugh!


Looks very similar to KBShimmer "Urban Camo". Shifts from a murky green to more of an electric lime green, to a blue, then purple, and a slight reddish-orange tinge at the end.


I am blown away by this collection and regret my initial indifference towards it. I'm actually sad to be selling it again, but I know my bank account thanks me. LOL. I do think I'll have to go back and get myself a "We'll Never Be Royals" though, because wow!

And that's all for my review! I hope you enjoyed it and let me know how you feel about the Color Club Oil Slick Collection down in the comments! Much love! <3

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  1. Great photos, thanks! I wasn't going to buy them until I saw your pics. ��