Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Reformulation

After months of rumors, rants, and the reality of the reformulation of some of Sally Hansen's most popular polishes, I decided to join the bandwagon and see for myself.
I forced myself to pick up the reformulated polishes in two of the most popular shades - Mellow Yellow and Pacific Blue. In this post, I'll be showing swatches of the old vs the new and giving you my thoughts on the changes Sally Hansen has made.


The gorgeous sunshine yellow (opaque in two coats) has been reformulated to a sheer, shimmery, golden shade. I swatched one coat and two coats of the old and the new Mellow Yellow as showing in the photos below.

As you can see with two coats, the original Mellow Yellow formula is completely opaque (and almost is in just one coat) while the reformulated version is still quite sheer and does not have the same GORGEOUS color payoff.


The ever-so-popular Pacific Blue with its beautiful vibrancy is now another crappy, sheer, and shimmery cobalt. I swatched one coat and two coats of the old and the new Pacific Blue as showing in the photos below.

As you can see, with two coats of the original Pacific Blue you get a completely opaque result with a flawless creme finish. The new formula is still a bit sheer and the color payoff is crap compared to the original.


The original formulas of Mellow Yellow an Pacific Blue were very comparable. They were both nearly completely opaque with one coat and absolutely flawless with two. They both had gorgeous color payoff as well. The reformulated versions of these two polishes are also very similar. They are both extremely sheer with an awkward shimmer and they both lost the gorgeous color from their past formulas. They feature more of a jelly formula with an awkward shimmer rather than a beautiful creme formula. It's definitely disappointing to see how Sally Hansen completely butchered these formerly perfect polishes. And that's my two cents on the whole ordeal. Hope I was informative and the swatches helped to show you the utter ridiculousness of the reformulations.


  1. Loved this post! Seen so much content about the formula change but haven't seen a blog post like this one. Really makes the changes clear.
    - nailstori xox

  2. This color change is really disappointing. I love the old mellow yellow I'm saddened by this it "was" my favorite color

  3. Thanks for the research! I can't bring myself to buy the new Pacific Blue because it looks like so much I have seen before. A real misstep. At any rate maybe these sheers will make fun jelly sandwiches! I found a THIRD and mysterious mellow yellow formula (different packaging and all) you can see on my Insta (curlycomedynailart).